How to Get Rid of Deadstock of Building Materials with Ease?

How to Sell Building Materials Dead Stocks Easily

Holding building materials dead stocks at the warehouse is a great pain for building material suppliers and traders, and also selling those dead stocks will be a very big challenging task. So, here is your takeaway!. Now I am going to explain to you step by step about how to sell building materials dead stocks in an easy way!

Before I get into the topic I would like to remind you what exactly is dead stock and why it’s not good for businesses.

Let’s start!

What is Dead Stocks?

The stocks occupying your warehouse for a longer duration than anticipated, never used and surplus are called dead stocks.

Why is it not good for businesses to keep it for a longer duration?

  • Some amount of Investment get trapped
  • Occupying a large amount of warehouse will weaken the business financially.
  • Waste of money if it becomes scrap.
  • You cannot avail warehouse space for new arrivals

Let’s come back and take a deep dive into the topic, how to sell building materials dead stock before it will become scrap.

Before take a deep dive into reading article, I would recommend you to watch this video, it will have been help you more in selling your building material dead stocks with no risk

How to Sell Building Materials Dead Stocks Easily

Building material Deadstock the new headache to the construction industries which hinders the new cash inflow and stocks the shelves of their warehouse;

Especially in a place like the UAE where skyscrapers are touching the skies in every nook and corner of the country and new construction buildings arouse all day of the year.

Just think of it, what kind of profit can building contractors and traders attain just by holding onto deadstock for a long time in their inventory or warehouse?

Well, from all possible ways the answer is none. There is no possible way deadstocks can give you profit just by being there in your valuable warehouse space.

Building material deadstocks will pile up in one’s warehouse as long as an action is taken on them; Unless and until the products will endure a certain loss to the firm no matter how they excel in their business. So to help the building contractors to handle their deadstock we are going to discuss some of the possibilities here,

How to Sell Building Materials Deadstock in UAE with ease and grace.

As I said earlier, selling building materials dead stock is not easy but in the meanwhile, it’s not too hard. Let’s see how to get rid of and sell building materials’ dead stock easily by following these steps.

  • A good inventory management system
  • Make a Watertight Agreement
  • Transfer Your Deadstock to another Company Who are in Need
  • Use the relevant solution to predict demand
  • Formulate the urgency in the market
  • Try Bundling up products

A Good Inventory Management System

Dubai is a place where the building industries are always dimming and glittering every day of the year, one must maintain a good inventory system to stay ahead of the curve. You can divide the stock you buy for your store into two categories,

  • Cycle stock and
  • Safety goods

Cycle Stock

Cycle stock is the portion of an inventory that the seller provides through to satisfy regular sales orders, according to Unleashed Software.

Safety Stock

When you retain a certain amount of stock in your warehouse for certain projects it’s called safety stock. Safety stocks have high priority in turning into deadstocks than cycle stocks.

Make a Watertight Agreement

While buying your goods from the supplier, you must agree to sell the goods at little or no cost if they are no longer used beyond a certain point. You need to prepare yourself in avoiding dead stocks that may pile up your warehouse causing a loss in time and money.

Transfer Your Dead Stock to another Company in need:

This is the new phenomenon making waves all over the Middle East countries. It offers you to sell the no more used building material deadstocks to the companies that require these dead stocks.

All set! Sounds good! Isn’t it? But still there is a problem in finding the right buyers. How to solve it? Let’s see  

Selling building material dead stocks is a greater idea than others discussed in this article, but finding buyers who are really looking for building material DeadStocks can be a tricky job for many building material suppliers, contractors and traders. This is where B2B marketplace like Sanaya App Portal Come into the picture and playing a vital role in buying and selling building materials and their deadstock, sellers can utilise these platforms efficiently to sell building materials deadstock easily by connecting with the right buyers.     

Selling building material and its deadstock on Sanaya App Portal is very simple, everything you need to do is just register to sanaya app and post free unlimited ads. Through this simple action, you can get engaged with more buyers.

The standard quality of the deadstocks from the sellers will be monitored by the ground staff to check the quality and make sure the buyer gets the quality they deserve. Just by posting your deadstock ads or using the “wanted category” to request deadstock goods, building contractors can get benefit with profit through their idle deadstocks.

By using this approach, the seller company can sustain the profit by freeing up space in the warehouse. At the same time, buyers can benefit from buying deadstock that prices less than the current market price

Use the relevant solution to predict demand:

Your forecasting the future ability will play a vital role in purchasing the stocks as it can avoid a large volume of dead stock piling up your warehouse space..  You can use online tools and apps like SANAYA to reduce the burden of freeing up spaces and cash inflow to your company.

Formulate the urgency in the market:

When you’re posting your dead stock ads in an online portal in Sanaya App Portal  formulate the demand by highlighting the percentage savings, discounts, volume of products and set a tone in demanding. So, that the buyers see its urgency in the market and hurry up in fetching them.

Try Bundling Up Products:

When you are holding a messed up building material dead stock products in your warehouse, try bundling them in various categories based on their usage preferences . For example, you have dead stocks of various electrical materials used for construction like box roller, connectors and cladding tapes; then try to bundle them under one major category electrical materials. Using this method you can reach your dead stock buyer easily.

To be a successful building contracting company in this digital era, the building companies must opt for advanced digital strategies. This helps them in staying ahead of the curve and deal with the competitions. So, take this opportunity to to handle your building materials dead stocks and to be a flourishing building organisation.

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