Advertisers are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the adverts they place are suitable for listing on , ie. that they are legal and decent.

Advertisers cannot list their products or services which doesn’t suits our categories or business structure.

These pages give you some guidelines as to which adverts may not be placed on , but does not represent a complete list. If you are unsure of whether your product, service or such can be listed, please send mail or contact [email protected]

We reserve the right to edit, remove or reclassify any advert at our discretion.


  • Adverts using graphic or obscene or racist language are not allowed.

Copyright Infringement do not allow adverts for the following:


  • We do not accept adverts for any guns or other firearms.
  • We also do not accept adverts for deactivated firearms, replica firearms, or any firearm accessories.
  • Advertisements for crossbows are not accepted.
  • Adverts for any kind of knives are not accepted.

Business Opportunities

  • MLM schemes that generate income solely through recruiting new members may not be advertised.
  • Adverts for business opportunities must state clearly the product or service to be sold, whether any upfront payment is required and whether the work involves the recruitment of further people to the opportunity.

Requests for Money

  • We cannot accept adverts requesting money unless placed by a registered charity. If you are a registered charity, please contact us, quoting your registration number.

Massage & Therapy

  • Those people offering massage, therapy or counselling services must have a valid insurance policy covering public liability and professional indemnity.

Adult Services

  • Adverts for sexual services are not accepted.
  • Adverts for escort services are not accepted.

Financial Services

  • Businesses advertising consumer loans, credit cards or other services covered under the Consumer Credit Act should be licensed with the Office of Fair Trading and comply with the regulations laid down in the act.

Gaming Machines

  • Gaming machines (fruit and slot machines) may not be sold without a license or permit from the Gambling Commission

These guidelines were last revised 26th April 2022


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