15 Sustainable Building Materials to Build Perfect Eco-friendly Buildings

15 Sustainable Building Materials to Build Perfect Eco-friendly Buildings

The environmental impacts of today’s construction industries are very high concerning factors all around the globe. To deal with this kind of situation, the construction industries are opting for eco-friendly sustainable building materials in their construction usage.

The world seems to be restructuring in this decade on an eco-friendly environmental basis, as urbanization is at its peak ratio.

Dubai is a kingpin for construction industries in the world. As the world leader in the field of constructions, Eco-friendly guidelines maintained in the strict proposition. Its an amazing fact that Dubai alone employs 16 per cent of the world’s cranes for constructions.

The land that is flourishing in buildings, day by day, must prioritize an Eco-friendly environment.

So, how can the Eco-friendly materials be used in constructions?

How do they impact the environment?

To answer these questions, I’m gonna describe the top 20 ECO-FRIENDLY sustainable building materials as follows.

Top Sustainable Building Material to Build Green House

Redesigned, Recycled or Engineered Woods

Woods regarded as one of the prime eco-friendly sustainable building materials for constructions. Using the wood materials redesigned from the recycling process can be perfect for interior designing. For example, the timber used for making planks and wood boards leverages a lot of wood wastes. As a result, waste woods are recycled in making wooden boards, false ceilings, doors, etc.

Moreover, the usage of recycled woods may reduce the cutting of trees in large numbers.

Coated or Insulated Concretes

Coated or Insulated Concrete Form is a new technique used in construction sites, for reducing energy consumptions and eco-friendliness. With two insulation layers with space in the centre mounted first.

To fill in the center of sandwiched structures cement or any other concrete is used.

They possess charterstics like good thermal, sound insulation and high fire-resistant property.

The Fiberglass

FiberGlasses mostly indulged in making building materials in the construction field. The fibreglass is very light, brittle and holds high eco-friendly properties. Because fibreglass can be designed in a variety of structures it is used of high propositions these days.

Fibreglass exhibit high reliable properties, hence used in 90% of construction sites in Dubai. In interior designing too the fibreglass used in the form of designed Fiberglass batts; which makes them high eco-friendly sustainable building materials.


The Sip’s are two oriented wooden boards or flake boards with a layer of foam between them. They are highly economical with thermal and insulation properties. Used for constructing the walls of the buildings and widely used all over the globe.

They can be mould in large and small sizes based on the requirements. Requires large machinery to assign them as they are larger in size. Therefore, it is a highly eco-friendly sustainable building material.

Go Green with CORK

Cork is one of the high demand construction materials at the same time it is an eco-friendly sustainable architecture material. Cork has a high resilient property with heat, moisture, liquid and vibrations.

Hence, it has a wide range of usage in flooring, insulation, the underlayment of floors, interior designing, etc. Therefore, it constitutes the green as well as the must exist material in construction.


Everyone knows how concrete works the same as Hempecrete. Manufactured with sand particles, lime and fibres of hemp. Hempecrete blocks are lighter in weight, highly durable, fire resistant and thermal resilient. However, it is not that hard as concrete; but hemp is in high demand for green sustainable building material these days.


Enviroboard usage is widely subjected to ceiling lining, floor laying, wall linings, and other applications. They have high fire-resisting capacities widely used in tall skyscrapers. It is build of magnesium and other fibre cloth materials.

They do not even release toxic agents while manufacturing. Hence they compose the qualities of green sustainable building material.

The Clay Bricks – The Perfect Sustainable Building Material

To build clay bricks involves only simple methods naturally. Purely natural materials of water and mud particles used in the making of clay bricks. Hence, as a result, they do not release volatile materials or harmful gases into the environment. manufacturing them is an easy task in terms of time and money.

They provide warmth during winter and make it cooler in summer. Hence, making it perfect green building material.


Timbercrete is manufactured of clay and sawdust. It is lighter than the usually made bricks and easy to handle. Used in the form of bricks, floors and interior flooring designs. They have characteristics of highly fire-resistant, durable and moreover, a green construction material.

Roofing with Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are one of the light and reliable, sustainable building material used in roofing. Therefore, they are used for the construction of individual houses, villas, and commercial buildings.

Recycled Rubber Gears

In recent times commercial building plans the recycled rubber materials plays a vital role. Dubai buildings has sidewalks, playing surfaces, decorating purpose and some highlighted flooring made of recycled rubber products. Therefore, perfect for the malls in Dubai and a potential green sustainable building material.

Steel Roofing

Making your roof with steel and shinglings can last longer with climatic advantages. Recycled steels are available with ease, which makes them economically accessible.

Composite sustainable building material Roofs

Composite materials are the most used and affordable sustainable building material with long durability and reliability. The composite materials like foam or cellulose placed in between metal sheets make the roof. As a result, highly insulated materials saving energy and time.

Usage of Natural Fibers

Recycled or original form cotton fibres, woollen fibres and the recent trend of carbon fibres used in decorating interior walls and floors. Installed mainly in the wooden framed section to provide luxury and comfort. As a result, the fibres are one of the greenest sustainable building material.


Polyurethane composed of high insulating property material; Mostly used for commercial purposes. Polyurethane directly sprayed on the wall that needs to fix insulation. So, it is highly recommendable for office usage that needs soundproofing.

Fetching these eco-friendly sustainable building material was very hard at times. But nowadays the online world makes it very easy to purchase anywhere in the UAE. Especially, when you have a marketplace like SANAYA you can buy any eco-friendly materials in just a few clicks away. Hence, make the best use of the online marketplace.

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