SALIK in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

So, What is SALIK?

So What is SALIK
SALIK in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know 7

Dubai Road and Transport Authority(RTA) launched Salik in 2007 to ensure smoother vehicular movement. Salik is driven from the Arabic word, which means “clear or open.” Salik, a fully electronic and automated system, uses RFID technology to identify vehicles and deduct the appropriate toll from them. On each time the vehicles pass through any of the city’s seven toll gates.

The Salik is constructed and designed by one of the finest engineering minds in the world. The most highlighting factor is that there are no toll booths, barriers or physical stoppage points in the system. In other words, it means you no need to stop or halt your vehicle at any point of your driving. 

Everything happens in an automatic process; Eventually, it helps the traffic to flow like water in the river streamlines.

SALIK TAG – All that Matters:

SALIK TAG All that Matters
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It’s as simple as that, if you’re holding a vehicle in Dubai you must have Salik Tag attached to it. Right in front of your front windshield in the top corner, to enable the RFID cameras to scan the tag comfortably.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology detects and scans your Salik tag. It automatically allows deducting money from your prepaid Salik toll account each time your vehicle passes through a Salik toll point. Therefore, it doesn’t make you stop or halt even for a second in the traffic.

Firstly, it doesn’t matter if you are driving your own or rented car. Regardless of who the driver rides, the holder of the Salik account is fully responsible for all trips through the Salik tolling locations.

Who Needs the Tags?

Who Needs the Tags
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As Salik is essential for all fleets, the government has made it mandatory for all road transportation. As a result, Taxis, courier services, leased cars, luxury cars, commercial delivery, Buses, Trucks with Building Materials and other car rental firms are the fleets that require these tag sticker badges.

How to Get SALIK tags?

Opening a Salik account is simple, all the banks in Dubai provide all of the essential services. You can even acquire a Salik tag on your luxury vehicles in Dubai from Petrol Stations. It’s a simple task as you can get your Salik badges in just a matter of hours or minutes.

Moreover, you can do the process in one place with your smartphones. The application form is available for download on the Salik website. After that, you’ll get your Salik tag, which will cost you roughly 100 AED. The tag would cost 50 AED, and the prepaid toll balance transferred to Salik’s account would cost 50 AED. 

Then, following the instructions, carefully place your Salik tag on your windscreen. For online access, you will receive an access pin account number on your smartphones.

You require a clear presentation of your documents or paper works to complete this process.

The Penalties & Fines:

The Penalties Fines
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In case if you are new to the city you will be given a 10 days grace time to get SALIK tags. In the meantime, you won’t be penalised. However, after the 10-day grace period, you may expect to be fined Dh100 on the first day you drive through the Salik toll gates, Dh200 on the second day, and Dh400 on the third and subsequent days.

If your Salik balance is inadequate to meet toll charges, you will have five working days to recharge your account and have the due payments deducted from your account. However, if you fail to recharge within five days, you will get fines for Dh50 for each day you travel through the Salik gates.

You will be notified of all these details via normal messages or through Emails.

Multiple Vehicles:

Multiple Vehicles
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You can own multiple vehicles under one Salik account. It’s the best option for multiple vehicle holders or firms. Especially for Building material suppliers in Dubai who will be handling multiple vehicles in relocating the building materials for various projects in Dubai.

Final Note:

You will not be able to transfer or refund your Salik account balance. If the card/account is not in use for five years, the amount will be forfeited to the RTA. RTA will send monthly SMS reminders, as well as a last SMS two weeks before abandonment after five years of inactivity, in this case.


There are 7 Salik Locations of Salik in Dubai Roads as follows,

  • Al Safa Road
  • The Al Maktoum International Airport,
  • Al Barsha – West Dubai’s popular area, 
  • The Al Garhoud – Another prominent Dubai location,
  • Airport Tunnel
  • Al Mamzar North
  • Al Mamzar South
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