Best LED Light Strips that Makes Your Interior Awesome

Best LED Light Strips that Makes Your Interior Awesome

The lights bring soul to a living place. Lighting our interiors in the building adds colours to our lives. By using LED strip lights you can make your lives even more colourful.

LED strip lights are surging in popularity for interior and commercial decorations. It is because of its cost-effective nature and capitative usage for both commercial and residential lighting applications.

Purchasing LED strip lights may appear simple, but there are several factors to consider ensuring the right type of light for your needs. Even if you are a commercial dealer or an individual buyer you must know about LED lights before going green in purchasing them.

So to assist you guys in buying Led lights and choose the best  Led Strips for your requirements we are gonna discuss the following topics.

The Latest Sensation Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s):

Our history formulated from Edison’s incandescent bulbs, mercury vapour lights, Floursents lights, CFD bulbs, halogen lights, including the caveman fire torches to the LED’S (light Emitting Diodes) of today.

Lighting the interiors of our buildings are like lighting our souls. The lights we use in the interiors can alter our mood and with various benefits. Similarly, the LED lights are making waves in producing colours in day to day lives.

Likewise,  the LED strip are the advanced form of lights that can make our lives even more colourful. So, you can fetch the LED lights just like that in online platforms providing building materials online.

LED strip lights:

An LED light strip is a long circuit board with surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (SMD LEDs) that provide a warm glow to any room. The strips, also known as LED tape or ribbon lights, typically have an excellent adhesive backing impact for easy setup.

LED strip lights are a beautiful and versatile form of lighting that has become a popular choice for household or commercial lighting. Choosing an LED light is a wise decision because it produces more light without producing more heat, is efficient, and long-lasting. Whether for an office or to decorate a home, LED strip provides a variety of styles. There is also an LED neon light, which isn’t the same as regular neon.

Further, the new advancement in technology paved different types of  LED lights in the market today.

  1. Flexible LED Flex Strips
  2. Rigid-Flex Strips
  3. Infrared Flex Strips

The best LED light strip can be used for interior lighting, backlighting a LED television, or illuminating kitchen countertops and under-cabinet lighting on office floors. The LED strips listed below are among the best in their respective categories, for their quality, functionality, and appealing designs. They are more useful than the traditional lights used in interior design.

Here we are gonna see about the factors to be considered in buying LED light strips;

  1. Based on your requirements
  2. The size of Your LED light strip
  3. How Flexible You Want It
  4. The Wattage Demand

Based on your requirements

Before deciding on a product, you must first decide where you will install your LED light strip. Some designs are tailored to specific applications, such as step lighting or television backlighting.

This specialisation sets them apart from the average LED strip. For example, a product designed to backlight a television may include four pre-cut pieces as well as television-specific syncing options that change colour to mimic the colours on the screen.

Water resistance for porch use, dimmer compatibility for bedroom LED light strips, or motion-sensing LED tape for the hall, bathroom, or stairwell are all the varieties of options for considerations.

The size of Your LED light strip

Light strips are available in a range of lengths, ranging from one foot to 33 feet on average, depending on brightness and purpose. LED light strips designed for television backlighting or stairwell use are typically shorter in length to facilitate other installations.

Low luminance LED light strips with 350 LED lights can be up to 35 feet long. High brightness LED light will have the equivalent number of LED modules but will only be available in terms of up to 18 feet. Most flexible light strips, however, can be cut with scissors to shorten if necessary. Alternatively, if you expect longer LED tape, you can connect pieces to accomplish the desired range.

How Flexible You Want It?

Most light strips have a flexible circuit board that allows them to bend around corners and run over curved surfaces. Some LED light are so flexible that they can be bent up right-angled degrees with ease without causing damage to the circuit board.

However, as an LED light strip’s power increases, so does its flexibility, with some light strips being completely rigid in design. These rigid products are usually much shorter, sometimes only one foot long, and much more luminous than the average light strip. They can also include motion-sensing technology, which makes them perfect for lighting stairs.

The Wattage Demand

Wattage is a measurement of how much energy is required by the light strip to operate at its maximum brightness.

The less power consumption is the highlight feature of the  LED light strip. If a light strip requires more energy than the power source can provide, it will not function properly. Similarly, producing a much weaker light because of it.

LED light strips can be powered by batteries, power adapters plugged into wall outlets, or hardwired directly into your home’s electrical system.

Embracing New technologies:

LED light strips were previously hardwired into the electrical system to function with a light switch or plugged into a power outlet and controlled with a button. LED light, on the other hand, has come a long way since its inception.

Light strips that connect to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, remotes, or mobile phone apps are now available. Moreover, You can adjust the brightness and colour, programme the lights to sync with your music, and set schedules for when you wake up, get home from work, and go to bed using these controls. To sum up, it’s a cooler technology all around to use in interior design works.

Why is it gaining popularity?

  1. It’s simple to use, and can be installed with a high power consumption device like Led Tv’s.
  2. The strips have a double-sided adhesive comfort backing for simple installation.
  3. Secondly, they have a very low profile like mostly 10mm wide and 3mm to 4mm tall!
  4. They generate little heat and therefore, excellent for applications that require a small amount of space.
  5. The strips are available in 3 to 5-foot increments up to a full reel length. They have cut lines along the strips to more precise measurements.

To Wrap Up with LED light strip:

Purchasing LED strip lights does not have to be a difficult task if you know what to look for. When purchasing LED strips, make sure you understand your application and area restrictions, as well as your options for installation, power demands, and colours. With our collection of strips and benefits, you’ll be able to determine exactly what you need for your interior designs.

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