Different types of Generators used in the Construction sites

Different types of Generators used in the Construction sites

Power or Electricity is the heartbeat of our world today. Without power, nothing is possible in this modern era. Hence, if you’re not using electricity it means you’re from the stone age, like living in caves. So to provide electricity to any unusual places and construction purposes, different types of generators plays a vital role.

In this scenario, the generators play a vital part in producing the power. Besides the fact, the generators are used all over the globe; Their contribution is humongous to the construction industries.

To power various tools and appliances used at construction sites, any construction activity requires power. Especially in a place like the UAE where all 365 days of years deal in construction, the various types of generators are crucial in every construction site.

Why different types of Generators used in construction sites?

The response to this question is very simple as it may sound. It’s that all construction activities demand electricity to power a wide range of equipments and machineries utilised for work. In large construction sites, the electricity acts as the soul, as if “No Power then-No Work done on the day”.

Most of the time, builders are unable to access the local supply of electricity due to various reasons. In the first place, they might have reached remote locations that do not supply the grid or the grid cannot satisfy the power needed continuously. This is where power generation comes in handy to accommodate the much-needed electricity.

Although there are other options like building temporary solar grids, hooking up power lines or building a proper grid; but nothing is more comforting than the benefits of using different types of generators.

Generators used in the Construction sites:

Each and every construction project requires a particular and specific power supply to function. In the construction sector, diverse types of generators are available in the market to meet the requirements.

Finally, here is the different types of generators that can power various types of equipment on building sites.

  1. High powered generators
  2. Medium powered generators
  3. Standby generators
  4. Portable generators

High powered generators

High-performance generators provide huge power supplies, which are most commonly required on larger sites using machinery such as earth-moving equipment, the machinery in handling and laying tools. Equipment indeed like elevators, cranes, forklifts, high powered drilling machineries require a high and continuous power supply to function.

A variety of heavy-duty machinery can provide a huge amount of power for these heavy construction projects. It is also a fact that some equipment sometimes needs a very high start-up voltage in cases of heavy load liftings.

So calculative factors must be predicted when determining the total power requirements for your sites. Moreover, finding the right generators for sale in UAE wouldn’t be a much-complicated job.

Medium Powered Generators

The power required for the smaller and medium sites such as personal houses, smaller roads, low-cost apartments or temporary construction can be generated by medium power generators. Electric tools and appliances, including cyclical saws, concrete mixers, temporary lifts, tile cutters, elevators, drillers and more, need the help of a medium power generator.

We recommend you buy a medium powered generator if you are demanding power for tools like those we have just mentioned. However, some small construction companies use medium size different types of generators to power their requirements.

Standby Generators

It has the most unique and precise feature comparing other varied types of generators.

‘Standby’ generators are generators that you have to spare if for any reason if another electricity equipment fails. Standby Generators can act as a kind of ‘stop gap’ when the main power supply is being repaired or halted. For any other reason, for instance.

They may sound easy but they are the most crucial part of a construction site. When some maintenance work or a simple powerline work shut down the main electric supply the Standby Generators acts as the boss.

So, no matter if the construction site is in the heart of a city or rural area it’s a must to recruit a standby generator, among different types of generators.

Portable generators

Building sites that spread across large areas and using a massive central generator makes it challenging to draw power to certain places. Instead, building sites utilise multiple wattage portable generators in tricky locations where such power is demanded. So, it’s the most convenient amongst the different types of generators.


  1. These generators are reliable and robust on any construction site.
  2. They can cope up with hard environmental restraints in construction sites.
  3. Generator manufacturers offer generators that meet different international standards.
  4. Generators are available in different variants by voltage demands, which makes them even more perfect to use.

So make your decision right in choosing from different types of generators, simply find your generators like buy building materials online from just clicks away.

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