Post Construction Cleaning Checklist & Cleaning Materials for the Construction Crew

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist & Cleaning Materials for the Construction Crew

Nothing beats the “final days” excitement of construction work. Whether it’s remodelling a commercial space, building a new home, or finally building your own retail property from the ground up will pull out the same enthusiasm. In this final days scenario, you don’t want to miss post-construction cleaning tips from us, with the best cleaning materials.

The work crews have completed their tasks and cleared out, and you are now eager to unlock the doors and get down to business. A thorough survey of the area, however, indicates that you will have to wait a little longer. The dust has settled, and the space is a hodge-podge circumstance. A small scale or large construction site will be in a hurry to clean up all the leftovers.

It’s a must that the construction crew make all their fullest efforts to make the building look brand new. Eventually, only the clients or owners can feel the freshness and satisfaction.

However, some crews even though they are pioneers in construction make some small mistakes or defects in producing the building brand new. It may be due to some communication problems, lethargical errors or non-effective cleaning supplies in some points.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist & Cleaning Materials

To help them deal with this and manage the final days of ribbon-cutting, we formed this content to assist them. So, here we go;

Dust out the Scraps & Crumbs

With precise trash patrol, you can deal with the aftermath of your construction project. Examine the property’s exteriors and interiors for discarded plastic sheeting, drop cloths, cement deposits, paint overflows, tape strips, etc. Look out for small objects such as dropped nails, Nuts-Bolts-Screw & Nails. Construction crews do not intend to leave a shambles; However, make sure, they do their cleaning work perfectly with perfect cleaning materials.

No construction crew will possess an intention to leave behind any residues. But it is always the right strategy to make a trash patrol raid at the end of the work.

Polish & Repolish the Glassworks

No owner nor a customer want taints in their windows and mirrors. Moreover, it’s not only for mirrors but for any kind of glasswork in the building.

Use heavy-duty glass cleaning materials to restore the radiance of windows, glasses and mirrors. Begin at the top and work your way down, then rinse. This process will most likely have to be repeated several times. Allow a dry cloth and polish to be your final step for a great finish. Polish and re-polish as long the glasses smell as the brand new one.

Shape & Scrub the Walls and Ceilings

No matter how fine the paint job is done, the walls are subjected to many appliances. During construction, the walls and baseboards will be hit and scratched. Like the electrical, machinery, housing products and lighting work.

Heavy tools and equipment are used by crews, which can result in minor dents, dings, and bruises. Firstly, examine this type of unavoidable damage. It will require patching and repainting. After you’ve addressed these issues, thoroughly clean the walls and ceilings with the right and robust cleaning materials. So it’s always the best option to shape and scrub the walls before customer visits.

Make the Floor Talk with Elegant Presentations

Hard floors go through intense wear and tear during construction work, so inspect them for signs of damage before mopping, waxing, and buffing.

All construction work is messy, and the flooring always seems to bear the brunt of the damage.

A neat presentation of floors can give great satisfaction to the eyes and the feet. However, it is simple yet a burdened work, to make your customers fully satisfied.

So make sure you’re using the best cleaning materials while polishing and refurbishing the floors.

Make Way for the Carpets & Rugs

Carpet fibres trap everything from fine dust and splinters to lingering construction odours. To remove ground-in dirt and foreign objects, use a heavy vacuum and cleaning materials. After that, shampoo and deep-steam clean the floors to avoid tiny dust particles. Allow treated areas to completely dry before reopening to foot traffic.

Furthermore, it is a swift and loaded work but it has deep effects on customers in the long run.

CDC-Closest, Drawers & Cabins

This is one of the most commonly overlooked post-construction cleaning suggestions. Closed doors and drawers do not keep fine dust from building projects out of storage areas. With a good flashlight, visually inspect all closets, cabinets, and drawers. Select a cleaning method and cleaning materials that are appropriate for wood, metal, or synthetic materials.

Let The Lights Shine

As a result of construction activity, cleaning the lights becomes a must post-construction work. This reduces efficiency by up to 30% and emits a foul stench. Before dusting lights and cleaning them with a gentle, dry cloth, make sure the electricity is off. It’s part of the many cleaning methods that have to be in priority.

HVAC- Refreshing Systems

Airborne dirt and dust from construction activities are picked up by your HVAC system and dispersed throughout your home. Filters need to be changed, but ductwork cleaning is a job best left to the pros in the business. This ensures that the entire system has been updated from registers and vents to air diffusers by hiring specialists.

Further, it’s like a finishing touch for the post-construction cleaning process. Make sure you have the perfect tools and cleaning materials in the hands of the professional. A perfect flavoured breeze can bring an awesome feeling to your clients.

Finally, plan your post construction cleaning in order with the perfect cleaning materials to impress your clients.

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