Top Forklifts Used for Construction Business

Top Forklifts Used for Construction Business

Forklifts are one of the most demanded vehicles in construction and warehouse departments. They constitute their usage for multiple purposes in handling the products and goods.

It can lift heavy loads and because of this, they are employed in various sectors. Especially in warehouse alignment, they contribute a humongous contribution to work progress.

These lifts are ideal for offloading and carrying things from delivery vehicles, as well as loading and unloading pallets. As a result, they are a common sight in warehouses, where they regularly stock shelves.

In a place like Dubai, where construction work happens every day, forklifts are a must needed vehicle in construction sites and warehouses.

The forklifts come in different designs and styles for various purposes. Further, forklifts are used for different purposes based on their designs and power.

If you are a person who needs forklifts vehicles in your place, there are certain factors you must know before buying them. To simplify the choices in finding the right trucks, here are some of the top Frequently Used Forklifts for building sites.

Counterbalance Forklifts- For balancing the Aura:

The counterbalance forklift is a type of warehouse forklift that has wide use in indoor warehouses and for small construction purposes. To counterbalance the load, the counterbalance forklifts have forks at the front and counterbalancing weights at the front for balancing the loads.

Their three tyre wheels contribute to the added stability and allow them to manoeuvre much better than regular forklifts. They do not have extended arms or much elevation like other forklifts. But highly compatible for handling and racking the short height shelves.

Since powered by a battery that provides power and stability to the vehicle, electrical-powered counterbalance forklifts can work with a lighter counterweight at the back. These lifts lack outrigger arms, allowing the truck to move to the exact location of the racking.

Counterbalance forklifts can be run with power and gas on a requirement basis. However, battery powered vehicles are the most suited vehicles for indoor applications. As the electrical batteries do not emit any hazardous gases. It sustains longer durability and flexibility in operating.

If your construction site engages with a large warehouse, a counterbalance forklift truck is a must buy vehicle.

Standard warehouse forklift- Sketched for perfection:

It’s always difficult to compete with the traditional forklift. It is one of the most common sights in any warehouse. Standard warehouse forklifts are sketched on a straightforward design for comfortable use. They resemble a small golf truck with twin forks in the front.

Their adaptability and practicality are unparalleled, and you will find them in warehouses anytime all over the world. There are numerous models available in this setup, each with its own set of benefits.

The ultimate feature is that it comes with an electric powered battery. Thus making it more eco friendly and a noiseless environment indoors. Further, construction sites striving to become more environmentally friendly should seriously consider these vehicles.

Side Loader Forklifts- For Side Aisles:

Side loader forklift trucks are ideal for working in tight spaces. This is because the forks are mounted on the side of the truck. To pick up wide or long loads that would be inconvenient or inaccessible with a conventional forklift.

Side loader forklifts are classified into two types:

Enclosed cabs: Most commonly used outdoors, and

Stand-up Models: Best suited to indoor tasks and warehouse purposes.

There is also a multi-way version, in which all of the wheels rotate by 90°, supporting easy transportation in any direction.

As a result, they are particularly useful for safely and efficiently lifting and transporting tubing, pipes, and sheet metals.

Telescopic Handler – An Extra Arm at work:

Telescopic handlers, or “telehandlers,” are extremely useful in handling machinery. In some ways, they are a hybrid between forklifts and cranes. Telescopic Handler Forklifts have the reach of a crane and the characteristics of a forklift.

Besides the fact they have a one-dimensional moving arm, they serve various purposes. They can move diagonally, forward and backwards. This directional movement makes them efficient in construction sites.

This empowers them to work with loads that would be too heavy for a standard forklift. The odd angles and tight spaces are not a serious problem for its extension and extendable arm.

Industrial Forklift- For heavy products:

The large capacity forklift, also known as an industrial forklift, combines the purposes of a warehouse and a telescopic handling forklift. Besides the fact it cannot function in narrow and small spaces, it is more functional in outdoor usages. It can transport large building materials on tough surfaces with ease.

The maximum weight it can support is 35,000 pounds, but this amount of power is only required in very specific jobs. As a result, the industrial forklift has very minimised applications indoors. They are most suitable for heavy construction sites.

But they are always in stocks from the best manufacturers all around the globe.

Rough Terrain Forklifts- To Handle the Rough Loads

A rough terrain forklift is ideal for outdoor construction and tough terrain. It has thicker threaded inflatable tyres for stability on uneven terrain. As well as a more powerful engine for higher speeds and better manoeuvrability, making it more reliable and durable.

Nature will not provide a flat surface for your forklift to always thrive on, which is why some off-road machinery is required. Moreover, the tyres they use are not like the standard forklift tyres found on most models. Rough terrain forklift tyres are durable and well-suited to an outdoor environment in handling building materials and other goods.

They also have a calibrated counterbalance at the rear of the vehicle to keep the truck from tipping over. Consequently, most models can move loads weighing between 6,000 to 8,000 pounds. Hence, they are capitative machinery in dealing with heavy loads.

Reach forklifts- To Reach The Heights

The main feature of the forklifts is the lengthy height that lifts cargo and holds it up to 10 metres high. They can work in confined environments, and also have excellent manoeuvrability. These carriers come with front-line stabilisation legs that take the weight brunt to stabilise the load. It does not require a counterweight, because the beams and batteries are stabilised to encounter the loads.

Reach forklifts is ideal for warehouse operations but are rarely used because of their characteristics. Meanwhile, they are more efficient for outdoor purposes. Their low undercarriage ground clearance makes operating on uneven surfaces hard.

Moreover, they are sometimes supported by cameras and wireless technologies to assist the drivers. With the usage of these latest technologies are gaining popularity for reach forklifts.


To Sum Up, forklifts are incredible pieces of machinery with numerous applications. It’s as simple as saying they lift things, but they do so much more. Moreover, they aid in the operation of the warehouse and construction sites, and without them, work progress would be an extremely slow and tedious task.

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